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Visualizing Donation Trends

AAP donations revealed for all

The volunteers of Aam Admi Party released a powerful tool in the form of an analytic website- It allows everyone to transparently analyse the donations being received by the Aam Admi Party. While connecting to the parties’ official donation database, it presents live data for the public to analyse. 

The list of donors with amounts was always available on the official website of Aam Admi Party, but now everyone can see the donations being received by the party from different countries, state or district. Donations can also be dissected by the amount and time, while the graphical representation makes it easy for everyone to understand these figures.

With this, the transparency levels achieved by AAP have crossed all boundaries in India. Forget about providing data in a public friendly way, other political parties in India are yet to even clear the clouds of secrecy around their funding. Reacting to the new website, Akshat Goyal, an ardent AAP supporter in Gurgaon said "While political parties claim they have promoted Information Technology in India, they don't seem to be using it as effectively as the Aam Admi Party. Why can't the Election Commission make it mandatory for all parties to present the data in the formats similar to ?"

It is expected that that over time, will become the go-to source for information hungry media as well as AAP well-wishers.


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